Messiah’s Church hosted its annual Reformation Symposium again this year. True to intent, sound preaching and teaching gave way to illuminating discussion with the audience about its topics. This year, given the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s posted Theses, five local pastors each spoke on a Reformation ‘sola’: grace, faith, Christ, Scripture, and God’s glory. Three preachers were from NAPARC bodies (OPC, PCA, RPCNA), and were joined by two other brethren, a Congregationalist and Reformed Baptist. As a plus, a clear testimony to unity in the gospel across denominational lines was both given and felt by many in attendance, and they had time to ‘meet and greet’ each other over finger foods between addresses. Offerings were taken for support of Wycliffe Bible translation and a Reformed church in Milan, Italy.

Brian Coombs

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