On Friday 2nd February members of the Pacific Coast Presbytery gathered, along with many family, friends and invited guests to Ordain and Install Mr Samuel J. Ketchum to the Gospel Ministry in Fresno, California.  The previous minister of the congregation, Pastor Tim McCracken, constituted the court, the edict was read and the adherence to the call noted prior to the worship service commencing.

Sam’s father, Dr. Byron Ketcham, offered the opening prayer.

 Dr. Tony Curto preached a sermon entitled “The Pastoral Ministry”, taking as his text Eph 4:8-16. You can listen to the sermon here: tinysa.com/sermon/25182047189

The congregation then sang the twenty third psalm before Rev Nathan Eshelman (Los Angeles RPC) gave the charge to the congregation (which you can listen to here). The ordination vows were also asked by Rev Nathan Eshelman, who had been Interim Moderator of the Fresno congregation during the vacancy.

Sam’s brother in law Rev David Maginnis (pictured below) gave the charge to the Pastor, which was taken from 1 Peter 5.  You can listen to the Pastoral Charge here

The invited elders then came forward to lay hands on Mr Ketchum and Rev Ryan Hemphill (Seattle RPC) prayed the ordination prayer.

We are excited to have Samuel Ketcham ordained and serving as our pastor. We also thank all those who attended the service and for those who spoke.

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