Christ continues to grow Casper RP Mission Church, slowly but surely. Our church was established as an RPCNA mission church in July 2014. Our pastor, Sam McCracken, continues to faithfully proclaim the Word at our morning worship service each week. This year, our members and adherents have been exhorted and encouraged by Pastor McCracken’s sermon series on the book of Mark, Psalms of the month, and various topical sermons.  In addition to our morning worship services, twice a month we meet Sunday evening for study and prayer. Pray that God would use the preaching of His Word to sanctify saints, save sinners and draw people into His kingdom.

In the past year, two members moved away, but God also sent two families and several singles to regularly attend worship. Our regular weekly attendance has grown from 20-30 to now 30-40 and we have joyfully set up more chairs. Please pray for continued attendance, commitment, and church membership. We had to cut back on our Sunday school program in September due to a lack of staff to lead classes. Pray that God would raise up leaders in our midst and that those leading would be diligent and faithful.

Our core families continue to network in Casper, build relationships, share the good news, and walk along-side these friends in love. Pray for “redemptive relationships,” that these friendships would lead to salvation, commitment to a faithful church, and continued growth. We have a monthly prayer meeting held at the McCracken’s home. Pray for increased prayer meeting attendance and greater commitment to a culture of prayer. As a church, our out-reach continues to be a Ladies Bible Study and a weekly college & career Bible study (“Dig In”), as well as individual discipleship. Pray for wisdom and stamina for the study leaders. This year we also had a Church Work Day & Neighborhood outreach, began a monthly “College Sunday” outreach, organized a monthly outreach BBQ for the families participating in the Ladies Bible study, and co-sponsored a Reformation Conference with two other churches in Casper.

As our church plant continues to press on in the work set before us, we covet your prayers! Pray for energy, ideas, and helpers for continued church outreach. Will you pray for the success of Casper RP church, that God would build His church, and that the Lord will grant us both fruitfulness and faithfulness?

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