At this time of year many people look back on the year that has gone by, they begin to think about the goals they have for the year ahead, and make plans for places they’d like to visit and things they’d like to achieve. As you young people begin to make plans for the year ahead, why not give some thought to spending a Semester living and learning with the RP Church in Scotland? Natalie Faris did exactly that during her college years and it had a lasting impact on her! Read more about it below:

I grew up in a healthy church with solid biblical teaching, and yet the Semester in Scotland program helped me see that there is no substitute for the basic elements of Christian discipleship and church life: the Word and prayer. As we mixed hands-on involvement in the local church with tours of martyrs’ graves, I came to realize that the glory of dying for Christ is always preceded by the glory of living for Christ.

And that’s exactly what she has gone on to do, by serving our church as a missionary in South Sudan!

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