We at Glasgow RPCS can certainly testify of God’s goodness, reflecting on His gracious dealings with us, not just in 2017, but indeed, over the past number of years. From a flat, to a school lunch hall, to our own church building, we have seen great growth and change in a relatively short space of time. Rev. Kenneth Stewart took charge as minister of the congregation in 2011, about a year after the church plant began and a year before we moved to our current premises in the lively community of Partick, in Glasgow’s West End.

Partick is in many ways a reflection of Glasgow as a whole, made up of people from a variety of social and cultural backgrounds. There is uniformity, however, in the great need of the community, in some cases materially but, above all, spiritually. We are thankful to have built relationships with the locals, some of whom have joined us in our worship services. Our hope and prayer is that God will continue to provide opportunities for us to bring the good news of the gospel to those in such great need of it.

Our congregation is made up of a variety of ages and backgrounds. The Lord has blessed us with a toddler group, Sabbath School and Covenant Youth fellowship (CY) – made up of young workers and students, with The University of Glasgow nearby. We hold an annual Sabbath School outing (as pictured above), as well as other social gatherings – seeking to spend time together, both young and old, enjoying the Christian unity which Psalm 133 speaks of.

There is no doubt that we and our sister RP congregations are facing a day of ‘small things’ (Zec 4:10) in Scotland. There are indeed challenges before us, but we pray that together we will not ‘despise’ the day, but rather use the faithful preaching of the Word and Christian fellowship the Lord has blessed us with, to serve boldly on His side. While it is important that we look forward, we at Glasgow RPCS can look back with thankful hearts and, like Samuel, erect our own Ebenezer stone, saying, “Thus far the Lord has helped us” (1 Samuel, 7:12).

Ian Gillies, Glasgow RPCS

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