Reformation Tours, a ministry of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland, is offering Reformation Tours before and after the Covenanter International Holiday Conference in Ireland in July 2018. The week before the Conference we have organised a Reformation Tour of Scotland, and the week after the Conference we are offering a Reformation Tour of Northern Ireland and Ireland.

If you are planning on going to the Conference, why not extend your trip and take one of these Reformation Tours to learn more about the history of our church, the faith of our spiritual ancestors, and the great things the Lord has done in Scotland and Ireland in the past.

Reformation Tours is a non-profit ministry of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland. Any funds remaining after direct costs are paid are used to facilitate church planting in Scotland. So, by coming on these Tours you are also helping to support the RP Church of Scotland in their church planting and revitalising endeavours.

You can find out more about these Tours here:

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