Now, I know not everybody gets fired up for Church History.  But maybe we should!  After all, it shows Jesus’ providential care and love for His Bride.  Further, we see the snares and traps of bad doctrine and false ideas and ways to avoid them, as we see folly in the past and godly teachers that guided God’s people in paths of righteousness for Jesus’ name’s sake. So, in that light, I would encourage everyone to take a look at this website:

It was written by a member of our Grace & Truth RP Mission Church in Harrisonburg, VA.  It has links to a number of different digitized books on the history of our church here in America.  You can download them for free.  Since they’re in .pdf format, they’re useable on your computer, on your phone, on your e-reader, or whatever.  They’ll be profitable and edifying reading for a Sabbath afternoon (hint! hint!).  I hope that many of you will get much blessing from them.
You can also get a free copy of an old classic history, to 1888, of the RPCNA on our denominational website by clicking here:

Phil Pockras
Minister, Reformed Presbyterian Church (RPCNA)

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