Shaftesbury Square RPC held a public meeting last month, which they advertised on their Facebook page and invited friends from the community to attend.  Mr Noel McCune (a retired NHS psychiatrist) was invited to speak on the topic of Depression. We asked one member of the congregation how the meeting went:

“He (Mr McCune) outlined the clinical picture of depression and drew attention to its deleterious effects. He told us how depression is a condition which has affected a broad spectrum of society and indeed many well known personalities have suffered even from Biblical Times. High achievers and those who demanded much of themselves seem to be particularly vulnerable. He outlined the personalities, some of the precipitating factors, some of the symptoms and some of the effects.

In his presentation he emphasised the enormous strain which depression could put on family and close friends but stressed that support from the family, from friends, and from church circles was of huge importance and could make the difference in shortening the illness itself and in helping towards recovery. The talk brought home to many of us that anyone can be affected to a greater or lesser degree and that there was a small margin between being a bit downcast about the normal difficulties which are bound to occur inn life, and actual pathological depression.

After a lively discussion Dr McCune was thanked for his most helpful address. The talk will be available soon on our Sermon Audio page” Dr Morrell Lyons, Shaftesbury Square RPC

Please pray for those from the community who attended the meeting – pray that they could come along to a Sunday service and that the good news of the gospel might set free any who are suffering in the darkness of their own minds.

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