Gordon Keddie is a retired RP Pastor, author and teacher. He recently wrote this piece on his experience of illness and prayer, which was featured on popular Reformed Christian blog Challies.com:

” Last May, I sent the completed manuscript of my recent book, Prayers of the Bible, to my publisher. In June, I was rushed to the hospital after coming down with an extreme case of altitude sickness at a Christian conference in Colorado. Relentlessly dizzy and nauseated, I threw up for 21 days in a row, defied all treatment, and showed no improvements. The doctors warned my wife that I might never recover. Food and fluid were pumped into me intravenously, my death was awaited with baited breath, and my life was prayed for by many of God’s people. One day, early in this ordeal, I tried to pray, but could not think of any words to pray! I knew who I was, where I was, and that I was in bad shape. My memory was like an empty room. I saw a floor, a ceiling, and walls, but they were completely featureless. I could not, try as I did, think of even a single verse of Scripture. Not one!

I scratched around unavailingly for what seemed like ages, when, out of a clear white nothing, some words suddenly appeared, unbidden, in my hollow—and horrifying—tabula rasa of a mind:

I shall not die, but live and tell
Jehovah’s power to save;…”

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