On Saturday 25th November, young people from the Northern Presbytery gathered in Ballylaggan RPC hall for a night of praise and pudding, entitled “Why the Psalms?”. The event had a lower attendance than expected due to weather conditions but around 20 young people still turned up for this night of worship and fellowship. The evening began with Marcus Kelso, David McKeeman and David Knowles each introducing a psalm, which we then sang. Rev Samuel McCollum then spoke on the topic for the evening, giving the Reformed Presbyterian stance on worship, first looking at why we sing at all, then why we sing the Psalms and only the Psalms, and finally why we sing without instruments. Samuel ended his talk by reminding us to have the right attitude to worship; it is to be done joyfully and in praise, not just as an act of formal correctness. We ended the evening by singing Psalm 2 and enjoying an array of puddings provided by the ladies of Ballylaggan.

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