Reformed theological education has long been of importance to the RP Church worldwide. It’s of so much importance that each of our denominations worldwide has a college or seminary where they can train men for the ministry (You can read more about them here)! Some seminaries, like RPTS in the USA are long established, have great facilities, and a wonderful staff team. Others, like those in Scotland and Japan have a smaller set up, fewer staff and a tighter budget. Part of the work of the RP Global Alliance is to work together to better utilise the resources we have. To this end a ‘Seminary Working Group’ has been meeting together, under the leadership of Rev Andrew Stewart, to discuss how we can work together, learn from each other, and improve services worldwide. But individuals can help too! In fact Tom Reid recently travelled from the States to Japan to help out at the Theological Hall in Kobe.

“RPTS Librarian and Registrar, Tom Reid, recently was in Kobe, Japan, along with his wife Geneviève, to minister among the Reformed Presbyterian Churches in that country. Tom taught two courses at the Kobe Theological Hall (KTH) of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Japan (RPC), and also preached five times. With the help of his wife, they worked to improve the Library of KTH; there are now over 4,000 cataloged volumes in its collection, with ninety percent of the Japanese language works yet to be cataloged. In addition to the Hall, the Church also maintains the Covenanter Book Room in central Kobe.” *

We are thankful for Tom’s willingness to use his gifts and experience as a Seminary librarian to help another branch of the worldwide church!

*Excerpt from the most recent RPTS newsletter, email if you’d like to sign up. 

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