All Saints Reformed Presbyterian Church in Irvine, California is a growing body of Mandarin speaking worshipers of God officially taken under care of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America (RPCNA). As part of the RPCNA, we enjoy the supervision and support of the Pacific Coast Presbytery, the regional body of churches to which we belong.

The Pacific Coast Presbytery recently had a meeting in the Los Angeles Reformed Presbyterian Church, during which the presbytery voted on and presented a call to Mr. Hsing Tang to be the church planter and organizing pastor of the Irvine, California RP Church.

Mr. Tang had three examinations related to his call to pastor the Irvine work. He preached a sermon on Amos 8:11 concerning “A Famine of the Word of God.” After receiving counsel, criticism, and encouragement about his sermon, the presbytery voted to “sustain” (pass) the exam. He also had an examination on his personal godliness and one on systematic theology and the distinctives of the RPCNA. He was sustained in both of those exams as well.

Thanks to Rev Nathan Eshelman for providing information for this article.

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