The RPCI’s Overseas Mission work in France began in the late 1980s and is centred in the north-west of greater Nantes, an important centre of population in north-west France (with a population of over 600,000!) and the regional capital. At present the mission team is made up of Malcolm and Muriel Ball and Andrew Lytle and his wife Heather (pictured below with their son Matthieu.

In many ways church life in France is just like in any other place. We meet each Lord’s Day morning at 10:30 for worship. There are Bible studies in French and in English, prayer meetings, youth group, children’s club, friendship lunch and an English Café for students.


Our church website is an invaluable means of outreach and communication and is attracting an ever-growing number of visitors. The church is also on Facebook under “Eglise Réformée Evangélique d’Orvault

Since the very early years, mission teams have been coming to Nantes each year at Easter to help with different aspects of the work. The main part of their work is the distribution of our evangelistic leaflet “Réflexions” but other activities include open-air Psalm singing and tract distribution, questionnaires, social evenings, helping with children’s and youth clubs.

If you can’t come on a team, here are 4 other ways you can help.


Each month the team sends out prayer requests in bullet point form to supporting churches and to individuals who request regular prayer updates. They also send out prayer letters which give a more personal insight into missionary life in France. If you would like to receive regular prayer requests and letters send a message to and we will make sure you are added to the list!

2. Visit Nantes and worship with the fellowship

Nantes is a very accessible city. There are regular flights from Dublin as well as several UK or European airports. The train journey from the Paris airports takes as little as 3 hours. The missionaries in Nantes will be able to advise on possible accommodation in the area.

3. Take a gap year/career break to work or study in Nantes

There are many international students who come to Nantes to study, many of whom have little or no French. Others come as part of their university language studies. Whatever the reason for students coming to Nantes, the Mission team is always delighted to welcome those who come with a desire to serve and be involved in the life of the fellowship. Opportunities are not just limited to students. If someone is willing to be flexible in terms of their work and willing to make an effort to learn enough of the language to get by, then there is a place for them in Nantes.

4. Continue to support the mission financially.

As with all Mission situations, the work in Nantes is able to be maintained thanks to the generous, sacrificial giving of God’s people throughout the world. This generosity is gratefully acknowledged by the mission team and fellowship in Nantes. Most giving takes place within the context of local congregations but it is also possible for individuals to make contributions directly to the RPCI Mission Committee treasurer or by contacting the missionaries.



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