The next issue of the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Journal has been published by the RP Seminary in America. This is an on-line journal and is now available to download for FREE at:

Released just in time for the 500th anniversary of the 95 Theses, this issue is jam packed with articles all about Martin Luther’s life and ministry, and the development of the Protestant Reformation, including one entitled “If a monk ever got to Heaven by his monkery” by Bill VanDoodewaard! Other contributors include C.J Williams, Rich Gamble, and Barry York (all professors at the Seminary) and Mrs Rebecca VanDoodewaard who has written a piece on Katharina, wife of Martin Luther.

The great thing about an on-line journal is that you aren’t intimidated by holding a big thick book and thinking you have to read the whole thing! Why not bookmark this link and go back to it over the next week or so, just reading one article at a time? A profitable way to spend ten minutes of your day! And it would surely serve to deepen your appreciation for the man Luther was and the impact he had on reforming the church, making it the church we know and love today.

Prior issues of the journal are available at

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