Conflict is a part of our everyday lives. But how do we deal with conflict?

As the Midwest Fall Retreat approached, the Midwest CY (Covenant Youth) began preparing for an exciting weekend of fun and fellowship and also to hear Jonathan Parnell speak about being a peacemaker and how to resolve conflict.

On Friday night, (September 29th) CYers began to arrive at the Topeka Reformed Presbyterian Church where they were hosting a pre-retreat movie night! In the morning, activities began with registration and an icebreaker. After the icebreaker, everyone gathered to hear the first lecture on peacemaking. Jonathan offered incredible practical advice and insight into what it means to be a peacemaker.

What about recreation? The CY knows that there’s no shortage of exciting activities at a Midwest Retreat. Volleyball, Knockout and Signs, were only a few!

The youth were encouraged throughout the day to talk about what was discussed in the lectures. A form was given to each one of the youth with questions about their peacemaking strengths and weaknesses and any questions they might have.

Later we enjoyed a Psalm sing and afterwards had a time of Stump the Chump, (or Perplex the Parnell) where we got to hear feedback on the forms and ask any questions we had to Mr Parnell.

Sunday morning wrapped up the retreat with a time of worship with the Topeka congregation, and as the CY packed up and began traveling back to their homes across the Midwest, we look forward to the next year!

Avery Watson, Midwest CY Secretary

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