Dr. David Murray is a popular evangelical pastor, and author who also serves as a professor at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary in America. Dr. Murray recently posted on his blog (Head, Heart & Hand) that Dr. Denny Prutow’s, So Pastor, What’s Your Point?, is “one of the best preaching books I’ve read in the last decade.” He continues, “If someone like Tim Keller or Don Carson had written it, it would be a bestseller.”

A member of the RPCNA, Dr Prutow previously served as pastor in the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Sterling, Kansas. He also attended Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando and became Professor of Homiletics and Pastoral Theology at Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary (Pittsburgh, PA) in 2001. He served as moderator of the RPCNA Synod in 2008, before retiring in 2013 after forty-five years of active ministry, and is now Professor Emeritus of Homiletics at RPTS.

Dr. Prutow’s influential work has benefited a generation of pastors who have studied at RPTS, including many who are currently serving as pastors in the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America. This book provides the opportunity for many more men to learn from Dr. Prutow’s teaching.

Read more of Dr. Murray’s comments here , or click here to purchase Dr. Prutow’s book from Crown & Covenant (Kindle version avaliable from Amazon).  Other books include Joyful Voices, and Public Worship 101.


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