European Heritage Open Day is a government initiative aimed at promoting history and culture in Northern Ireland. The event “provides a great opportunity to see behind closed doors”, with many stately homes and historical buildings opening their doors to the public for talks and tours. Several of our churches decided to take part in this event, opening their doors to the public and organising special talks on church history and the Covenanters.

One congregation which took part was Shaftesbury Square RP in Belfast’s city centre. We asked associate Pastor Philip McCollum how it went:  “We were very pleased with the turnout at the annual European Heritage Open Day, 59 visitors came through the doors to see our church building and read about the Covenanters in our exhibition.


There were 22 people who attended the talk given by Prof Robert McCollum (Lisburn RPC) on the history of the Covenanters.  This talk was greatly appreciated as evident by people’s keen attention.   20 volunteers from the church welcomed people and showed them around. “

Let’s pray for all those who came through the church doors, some of whom who may never have been in the church before. Pray that their interest would be sparked, and that they might return one day to hear the preaching of God’s Word.

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