So this was my first year going to BAC, and I have to say I LOVED it! I had been to the three years of Discovery camp before, but it seemed like everything we did was just that bit better at Adventure Camp. We did loads of activities, a couple of my favourites were the rock climbing and the trampolining.

 The squad games were a lot of fun too, we played football, bucketball, and tag rugby. My favourite was tag rugby, even though on the last day I fractured my arm while playing it

The talks were very good, probably the best of all the years I’ve been to camp. The talks were on practical Christianity. They really helped me in life because they were all on different subjects. One was on praying, one on reading, another one was about resisting temptation. I found that one helpful in my school life because certain sinful behaviours are so common these days.

I always make new friends and strengthen old friendships whenever I go to camp, this time was no different.  I truly recommend it to any one who is the right age to go to camp, even if you’re not normally the most outgoing of people. You’re almost guaranteed to have a blast!

Campbell Quigley, Airdrie RP (Scotland)

Pictured: The leaders at Boys Adventure Camp

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