This past weekend in Nashville, TN, Keith and Kristin Getty (popular Christian worship leaders) hosted the first ever ‘Sing!’ conference. A conference for ‘pastors, musicians, and leaders’ designed to ‘reform and encourage congregational singing’. During the final session yesterday it was announced that the theme for next years conference would be the psalms! Psalm singing, and the use of the Psalms in public worship is making somewhat of a resurgence in the evangelical world, and as a church that sings the Psalms exclusively we have some excellent resources we are excited to share with you!  We invited the founder of ‘The Psalms Sung’ to tell us a little bit about his site: is a collection of 700 FREE recordings of congregational & choral Psalm Singing. It is a fantastically diverse collection from various Psalters showcasing different tunes and different styles.

Some of these tracks I have recorded myself at church conferences, but many more have been sent to me by a small army of individuals and organisations who all want to promote the practice of Singing Psalms and recognise that the most winsome argument for Acapella Psalm Singing is simply to hear it done well. Geneva’s New Song, Bon Accord Choir, King’s College Choir Cambridge, EMI Records, The Free Church of Scotland Psalmody Committee, Tim McCracken, and the RPCI Northern Presbytery Choir have all been heros and gifted high quality tracks.


I started and the associated Soundcloud page ( because although there were thousands of recordings of Psalms in existence, most were only available through the purchase of CDs or cassette tapes. I felt that, if we are serious about helping our congregations to sing well and encouraging others to sing Psalms too, we must make recordings of Acapella Psalm Singing widely available across the internet – for free. has helped so many more people than I had vision to hope for. We now get upwards of 5,000 plays every week, and this month (September 2017) we reached a milestone 1 Million downloads! So much for Psalms being outdated and unpopular! Let that be an encouragement to you; next time you’re at a church camp or conference or synod, record the singing, stick it on youtube, and let the world hear it!

I upload two new recordings each week, so like the facebook page and subscribe on Soundcloud to stay updated!”

Connor Quigley, Scotland

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