As soon as I saw the “What to bring “list I knew that Boys Discovery Camp would be for me. Item ten was a water pistol which hinted that some serious fun would be on the agenda.

Our venue was Fivemiletown College which was great because it had a swimming pool, sports fields and a youth annex. We did lots of fun actives such as nerf wars, football, volley ball, bucket ball, cricket, water fights and team challenges. One morning we went to the Share Centre where we got the chance to try our hand at raft building, rafting, bush craft and climbing. The general theme of camp was Star Wars and the squads where Wookies, Han solos, Sky walkers, Kylo Rens, BB-8s, Droidekas and Storm troopers.

At BDC this year our talks were on the life of Elijah. I really enjoyed it because there was so much to apply to our lives. The take home messages for me were that we should never have idols, we should pray humbly and that we should praise God. That faith leads to action and that we have the same God with the same power as Elijah.

I loved camp because it was so nice to be with other Christians, have fun and talk with them. I made lots of new friends. It was also great to have godly leaders teaching us through their talks and example. I would highly recommend BDC!!!

 Will McCollum – Age 10, Ballyclabber RPC (Coleraine) 

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