The goal of Scripture Union Sports Camps is, ” to connect your community with Jesus Christ,”  and for the past three years our church in Russell has been working with SU seeking to do just that. We have had varying degrees of interest over the years but for some reason this year was completely different. Registration reached capacity just two weeks after being advertised. We had a waitng list of over 20 kids!


And so, our group of volunteer coaches, and helpers hosted 70 campers for a week of soccer, hockey, basketball and bible teaching at our local high school.  The days were both exciting and exhausting as we sought to build relationships with the children and to connect with their families.  Through the medium of sport, campers were taught biblical principles and in the dedicated teaching time, they delved more deeply into the bible’s teaching about the saviour, Jesus.
All campers left on Friday with their own copy of the New Testament as well as bible study materials.

As a church, we were reminded that serving isn’t always easy as we were stretched and pushed  to love one another better. But, moreover, it reminded us that it is a privilege to get to know and serve the children and adults in our community. We are now looking ahead to follow-up opportunities with the families we have met. We hope to build on these relationships and we pray for the salvation and transformation of people’s lives for eternity.”

Tara Kingswood, Russell RPC (Ontario) 

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