There was excitement in the air this year at White Lake Covenanter Camp as people from the Saint Lawrence and Atlantic Presbyteries gathered together to celebrate our 100th annual Family Camp!

I have worked at White Lake for the past 10 years as a counselor, but this year I had the privilege to also serve as the Young People’s President or “event coordinator”. I chose my theme “100 Years of Faithfulness” intentionally, so that we could look back through the rich history of the quietly faithful people who have put so much of their lives into building a ministry founded on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to touch on what it would have been like to serve in those historic times.

The amazing thing about family camp is that you can sit and watch all the different ages and generations, newborn to “well seasoned”, interacting, and isn’t that what Christ’s Church is all about?  Fellowship of His people and the declaring of God’s wonderful Word and mighty deeds through the generations. We were truly sharing HIStory.

We began the week looking back but made sure to end it looking forward to the future and what God has in store for this long standing ministry with the dedication ceremony of our newly purchased 10 acre plot of land. Bagpipes were played, songs were sung, Chinese floating lanterns were lit and sent aloft, and as I watched the the lanterns drift into the distance, becoming nothing but a fleck of light in the night sky, I couldn’t help but hope for another 100 years of faithfulness.

Anastasia Finch

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