We have an urgent prayer request that we’d crave your prayers for please.

We just got a letter from the school that our church meets in, informing us that we will only have use of the building for another two weeks, and after that they are axing all outside groups (apart from sport and adult education) that use it. Obviously this is a big blow as we have been meeting there for over five years, it’s ideally located, our presence is known there, and the price is affordable.  Also, over the summer we weren’t able to use the school on Sunday evenings so we went round all the community centres in the area to see if church could be held in one of them for those few weeks over the summer. All of them weren’t available (for a variety of reasons), so at this point we don’t even have any ideas of where else we would possibly go.

Pray that the headmaster  (or whoever made the decision) will have a change of heart about us meeting there. Or that God would show us quickly where else He would have us go. He saw this coming, and we know we can trust Him with the details.

Thanks everyone, we’ll write again soon with an update.

Peter Loughridge, Pastor North Edinburgh RPC

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