Pray for those in the RP church around the world affected by flooding. In Ireland, the counties of Londonderry and Donegal have been badly hit, with one RP family from the Faughan congregation having been displaced from their home (which was submerged in 5 feet of flood water).  Pray for this family and their 6 children, whose two cars were also destroyed by the flood waters

On the other side of the Atlantic, Hurricane Harvey is causing some concern for our brethren in the state of Texas.  Give thanks that no significant problems are reported yet in the Bryan/College Station local area, which is about 150 miles (240 Km) from the center of the storm – so still on the outer bands. However they are currently under a flash flood warning and also tornado watch. Pastor Steve Rockhill says “There was a tornado spotted earlier this morning just south of us.”

Aside from the wind/storm damage along the coast – the big problem over the next several days will be flooding caused by the rain. Pastor Steve says “So far we are still a go for services tomorrow, but that could all change very quickly. Please pray for those who may be stranded especially along the coast. Pray for emergency/rescue crews and others who are working to keep people safe.”

Update from Bryan, Texas (Sunday): “We ended up cancelling our services this morning just to keep everyone safe. Most churches in the area did the same. There have been local reports of streets flooding. One family in the congregation was very close to flood conditions around their home so they are making whatever preparations they can to keep the flood waters at bay. We have received 16 inches (40+ cm) of rain since Saturday morning and we still have several more days of rain/storm conditions, at least through Thursday evening. The storm system is stationary with no other system to move it along. The accumulated effects of rain/wind/tornadoes/floods on the region will be quite severe. We certainly appreciate the prayers.”

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