This year Girl’s Adventure Camp was brilliant and very special. It was my last year at a girl’s junior camp and in my opinion it was the best year that I have ever had!

The talks were about the book of Ruth in the Bible and listening to them gave me a better understanding of the story and how it has a deeper meaning.The seminars were very helpful to me and to many others because they were based on issues that we are all facing in life today (abortion etc). The discussion groups everyday helped us understand the talks and to help us reflect. We also got closer to our squad members through the discussion groups.


All the activities were full of fun and I loved how all the girls got along together! My favourite part was that every night we got to hear the story of Narnia (“The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”).  We all sat inside a room that was decorated like Narnia and it was a lovely thing to do every night before we went to bed.

The officers, the cooks and Rachel Gardiner did a fabulous job of making the week a great experience. We got to meet new people who became new friends. It was a year that I would never forget!




Rachel Jemphrey

Covenant Fellowship, Galway

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