We had a successful cleanup/boardup day on Saturday. From 9 a.m.-2 p.m, volunteers from the church and community worked together to board up abandoned houses and clear weeds, brush, and trash from vacant properties in the neighbourhood surrounding the church. About 20 properties were boarded up, and about 30 properties were cleared. That is in addition to the one business that was boarded up and 10 properties that were cleared prior to the cleanup day. We had about 40 volunteers on Saturday, including members of four RPCNA congregations. God wonderfully answered our prayers for safety, good weather, and the furthering of relationships in a spirit of gospel service.



This is the 11th year of a partnership with the community and the borough to make Wilkinsburg safer and more attractive. We had some residents from this neighborhood working with us, and other residents came up to us to express their gratitude for these improvements. the past 10 years, well over 100 vacant homes have been secured, boarded up with painted plywood, cleared of brush and trash. We’ve established relationships with neighbors and community organizations and borough government, relationships that have opened avenues of ministry.


Drew Gordon,

Covenant Fellowship


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