The Go team to Cloughmills this year consisted of mainly new faces with a few older ones thrown in : John Coulter, Ieuan McDonnell, myself (John McCullough), Grace Kennedy, Laramie Carey, Rebekah Moore, Jess Muir, Anna Coulter, Kerrie McCullough and Georgie Allen. Other honorary members included David Loughridge, Lauren and Abigail Forgrave, and Amy and Paige Henry.

We met the congregation on the Sabbath, when Joel preached on Psalm 29 about the mighty voice of the LORD for both the morning and evening services, which allowed us as a team to get our focus right for the week ahead; it would be the Word doing the work, not us. In between the two services we lunched with the congregation and started to go over the plan for the week ahead with the people of the congregation that we would be serving alongside and taking direction from.

Monday then saw the bulk of the planning and started us off in our follow up Bible studies of Psalm 29. Monday also gave us time to brush up our talks and to get to know each other before both the Go-kids club and Senior Youth Club started by going out to play crazy golf and grab a cold supper at Morellis.

The kids club ran from Tuesday to Thursday for two hours each day, with God working and answering our prayers by bringing 35-45 children along . At the HBC we played games with the kids before bringing them together for singing, the memory verse (Prov. 3v5&6) and the talk. Anna, Jess and myself took the talks each day, with the kids learning about Jesus calling his disciples, Jesus calming the storm and the story of the wise and foolish builders; each ending with an earnest call for the children to accept Jesus themselves. And in each of the talks God again answered our prayers to sustain us, strengthen us and give us peace. Our greatest encouragements came towards the end of the week, seeing even the rowdier of the kids having learnt the memory verse off by heart and praying that this seed planted would grow in their lives.

We were able on the Wednesday to run the Go-lden Oldies Tea Party in the afternoon, where Martin and Mary Crossin performed along with Jess, Ieuan and then the whole team as a choir. This presented us with the opportunity to try and serve the community around the church to build up relationships and also allowed Joel to share with them God’s Word.

The Senior Youth Club took place from Tuesday to Thursday for another two hours in the evening. On Tuesday we organised competitive games of unihoc and bucketball, Wednesday was milkshake night and Thursday was time for making fifteens as well as football. On each of these nights we led Bible studies on the last 3 commandments and God again answered prayer by opening up opportunities for us to share the gospel through a few interested parties. Please pray that those who were interested will come to faith in Christ.


On Friday we had our family fun day en lieu of the HBC; inviting both kids and their parents to join us for a pea fair, including games such as the welly throw, penalty shoot out and the sponge throw. In the evening we took the SYC to The Edge Watersports and most enjoyed a rather exhausting bounce on the inflatable assault course before heading to the golden arches for some well-needed nosh.

The week overall was very encouraging with the whole team working so well together . To see God answering our prayers so mightily in the kids club and youth club as well as helping each of us personally was such a great encouragement. The voice of the LORD echoed powerfully in Cloughmills this week – please pray that He would continue to work in the hearts and lives of those in close contact with the church there.

John McCullough, Dromore RPC

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