We were amazed and blessed by this year’s number of children who attended our Holiday Club -approximately 60! It was a great encouragement to all of the leaders and church members.

Each night the children played outdoor games or had the opportunity to make a craft. We were thankful to God for providing us with the weather to accommodate these activities. The most anticipated moment was the juice and biscuits and even donuts on some nights! The children then raced inside where Psalm choruses introduced by Lydia were sung enthusiastically by all. Lauren tested the children each night with the memory verse which was taken from Psalm 143 v 5-6.

This year’s talks were focused around the theme of hands and how we can use them. On the first night the talk was on ‘reaching hands’ which told the story of Jesus reaching out his hands to heal a man with leprosy. The children learned about ‘sharing hands’ and the story of feeding the 5000 was visually portrayed to them. The next type of hands was ‘welcoming hands’ and centred on the verse in which Jesus says “Let the little children come to me”. The final night was about ‘hurting hands’ recounting Jesus’ death on the cross and the resurrection.

We were greatly encouraged to see the children’s excitement during the quizzes which were based on the previous night’s Bible story. Here we really got to see their competitive streaks!

On the final night of Ballylaggan’s Holiday Bible Club parents and friends were invited to come along to enjoy a BBQ and ice-cream van and partake in some of the activities that we did during the week.

I would ask you to pray that God would work in the hearts of all the children who attended this year, and for the parents who came along on the last night.


Karla Barr, Ballylaggan RP

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