On August 9th the Midwest Presbytery gathered in Sterling, Kansas for the happy occasion of ordaining and installing Mr. Brian Wright as a minister of Word and sacrament. Mr. Wright is a recent graduate from RPTS and was called this spring by the congregation after two years of having an open pulpit.

Pastor Pete Smith from Covenant Fellowship in Wilkinsburg, PA preached a sermon from 2 Corinthians 4:1-12 exhorting both Mr. Wright and the congregation in the work of gospel service. Pastor Jonathan Haney from Manhattan RPC delivered the pastoral charge from James 1:19 reminding Mr. Wright of a pastor’s need to listen well. Pastor Brad Johnston from Topeka RPC gave the congregational charge from Psalm 37, and elder Bob Lyon from Winchester, KS (Brian’s father-in-law) closed the service with prayer. The evening concluded with joyful fellowship and plenty of snacks provided by the Sterling congregation.


We are very thankful for the good gifts that Jesus Christ continues to give his church in virtue of his ascension. Mr. Wright is now the seventeenth pastor over Sterling’s 140 years of gospel ministry. Joining him are his wife Lisa and their son Emmett. Please pray that his labors in the Word would be fruitful, that this new relationship would be mutually edifying, and that the glory of Jesus Christ would be made known in that church and community.

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