The Higashisuma RPC had a summer Bible school on July 29th.  We had around 20 kids plus 25 people as their parents, staff, and the short term mission team from the States.  We very much appreciate that the RP Mission Team members encourage us to share the Gospel with our neighbors.  The 2017 RP Mission Team members are Kirstie Zeller, Clarissa Zeller, Ben Goernerin, Melanie Fields, Ethan Tronbley, and Monica Ibara.  The kids at the summer Bible school enjoyed the Bible story, games, pool, ice, and the big meal.  Some kids came from the English conversation class we have twice a month.  Some kids came from the Sabbath Bible school.  Some kids came to this for the first time!  We really appreciate the Lord’s blessing upon this opportunity!  Please pray for Higashisuma RPC’s outreach to neighbors and their children!

Pastor Sumito Sakai

We had a welcome party for the RPMT members after the summer Bible school.

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