The Eastern Presbytery of the RPCI recently met to present a call on behalf of the Woodstock Society to Rev. David McCullough, minister of Dromore RP. The meeting was held in Bailiesmills and many from both the Woodstock and Dromore congregations were there to show their support for Rev. McCullough and his family. Rev. John Watterson opened the meeting with worship from Psalm 133 before Rev. Knox Hyndman  introduced speakers from the Woodstock Fellowship. He explained the Lord’s guiding us towards calling a man to the work at this time.  Amy McCollum and Sam McDonald each spoke on behalf of the fellowship, inviting David to come and serve as organising pastor of the society.

Mark Patterson (elder), Raymond Gamble (deacon) and Elizabeth Ball spoke on behalf of the Dromore congregation, expressing fond appreciation for Rev. McCullough and his family throughout his ministry in Dromore.

Rev. McCullough was then invited to address the congregation and began by seeking permission from Presbytery to respond to the call at that time.  Explaining the Lord’s guiding through various providences and through the reading and preaching of His Word, Rev. McCullough chose to accept the call to the work of organising pastor of the Woodstock Society.  The date for the Commissioning service was set for Friday 1st September 2017.

The evening was one of mixed emotions for those in attendance, from disappointment in losing a pastor to thankfulness for God’s clear guidance throughout the process. We as a fellowship in Woodstock are particularly thankful that Rev. McCullough has chosen to come and serve with us in East Belfast and look forward to benefiting from both his clear and Christ-centred preaching and his passion for the work of church-planting.

Amy McCollum

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