While it was one of the hottest weekends this summer in Kansas, this did not stop 64 youth from attending the 2017 Camp Curry annual Covenanter Youth Retreat. The group gathered together for a time of learning and fellowship, all while weathering the great outdoors.

Every summer, the Midwest CY goes to this campground near Winchester, Kansas for lectures, outdoor activities, and camping. One thing that was different about this year’s retreat was the timing. Usually it occurs in the cooler month of June, but due to the scheduling of Midwest Presbytery’s Horn Creek Camp, the retreat happened in July.

A typical weekend at Camp Curry includes Friday night arrivals, greeting one another, playing volleyball or other games, and setting up tents. This particular Camp Curry Friday also included an optional lecture by speaker and retired pastor Ron Graham on Acapella Psalm Singing. Unlike past Camp Curry Retreats, the content was focused on theological foundation topics. Pastor Graham then also spoke on the Mediatorial Kingship of Christ, Political Dissent, and Prayer, for a total of five lectures.

Saturday included three lectures, three meals, a scavenger hunt ice breaker, skits, Ultimate Frisbee, a water slide, water balloons, lake swimming, a business meeting, and a bit of rain that resulted in flooded tents. The business meeting sets Camp Curry apart from other retreats because it is when new officers for the Midwest CY are announced, veteran officers give farewell speeches, and other logistical information is discussed. A visitor would have observed high school and college students catching up, having meaningful discussions, and at one point acting like a group of chickens! Needless to say, it was a full and blessed day.

The retreat ended on the Lord’s Day with one more lecture and a church service at the Winchester RPC. The attendees gathered for lunch, then began departing for home. While saying goodbye is one of the most dreaded parts of the retreat, it is sweet to know that whether it is the next retreat or heaven, we will see each other again.

“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” ~ Proverbs 27:17

Hannah Patterson

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