The Glenmanus RP congregation held its annual Summer Bible readings in the Church Hall in Portrush from Tuesday 4th July to Thursday 6th July at 8.00pm each evening. The speaker for the three evenings was Rev. David Whitla and his theme was ‘When the Son of Man comes . . .’ (Studies in Matthew 25:31 – 46). Mr Whitla preached with clarity and power as he opened up the text and applied it in both a challenging and comforting way to the congregation. There was an encouraging attendance of between 60 to 70 each evening. At the close of the meetings those present were invited to remain for refreshments and further fellowship. The photograph shows part of the congregation (more arrived after the picture was taken) on the final evening with Mr Whitla seated at the front just to the right of the aisle.

Rev Samuel McCollum

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