We, as a congregation, held our Annual Bible Club from 5th to 7th June. The theme this year was “Super Heroes of the Bible”, and proved to be a great success all round. Each night we based the message on a Bible character – David, (as in David and Goliath), Mary, (the mother of Jesus), and on the last night the greatest Super Hero of all, Jesus. Each evening we had singing, a memory verse, the Bible story, a quiz incorporating a game related to the story, craft, and then concluded with refreshments. All children completed a section of their workbook each day at home and revised the memory verse. On the final evening all children were given a party bag and picture.

We were delighted to have an excellent attendance this year with 39, 43, and 41 children each night, and 46 on the role, (this has broken all past  records), and it was encouraging to see children inviting their friends and bringing them along too.

Although we have a fairly small congregation in Clare, we, as a team are pleased to be able to hold the Annual Bible Club ourselves. Everyone used of their various talents and contributed in whatever way they were able.

We thank God for this wonderful opportunity of outreach within our community and pray that all who attended may come to know Jesus as their personal Saviour.

Alison Hamilton

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