Much prayer, planning, and preparation went before our Holiday Bible Club, held from 26th to 30th June ’17. We’d found in previous years that house to house leaflet distribution in the local community brought limited results. So in recent years we have mainly worked with local primary schools, obtaining their willingness to give each child our HBC invitation leaflet to take home. This has proved to be more effective and we have seen our numbers increase. The numbers ranged from lowest 100, to highest 144 children.

Online Registration, used this year for the first time, streamlined the Registration process very effectively. We had a “Coffee Stop” for any parents wishing to stay while their children were attending. The children enjoyed various activities – craft, fun & games, singing, Bible stories. The teaching was about who God is and what He is like, illustrated through the Bible stories. God is REAL; God is KING; God is FAIR; God is FORGIVING; God is SAVIOUR.

There were many roles throughout the week, from registration, serving juice and biscuits,talking to parents, to leading group work or telling stories. All who took part were from the congregation; the preparation and organisation spear-headed by Joel and Hannah Clarke. All the parents were invited to attend on the Friday night, to see what their children had been doing and learning. We were pleased that a good number of parents came. One of our Elders, Ken Nelson gave a short, challenging address, giving information about the church and sharing the Gospel of Jesus. We trust God will follow with His blessing on all that was done in His name; adding many of these precious children, and their parents also, to the Covenant family of God.

Kris Lowenstein

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