On June 28, twelve participants returned from a sixteen-day RP short-term missions trip.  The participants represented eight RP congregations from Indiana and Pennsylvania.  The purpose of the trip was to assist ECHO (Educational Concerns for Hunger Org.) in their work to find and develop agricultural strategies for use in underdeveloped countries throughout the world.

The team did agricultural work on ECHO’s research farm near Ft. Myers, FL.  One of the research projects that some of the team worked on was the development of a chicken plucker that was powered by a bicycle rider.  Another important project involving many team members was the construction of two rice paddies that will be used to demonstrate different cultivation techniques for growing rice.

The ECHO staff made special effort to provide training and resources that will be passed on and utilized by the RP missions work in South Sudan.

An unexpected ministry for this year’s team was accepting a United Reformed Church pastor’s request to help his congregation learn to sing Psalms acappella from the RP Psalter.  During the evenings the team read and discussed Everyone’s a Theologian by R.C. Sproul.

Members of this year’s team were Martha Batz, Bloomington RPC, Julie Decker, Columbus RPC, Benjamin Devaney, Lafayette RPC, Elisha Enas, Christ Church RPC, Cameron Faris, 2nd RPC, Edmond Gaskins, 2nd RPC, Jimmy McChesney, College Hill RPC, Andy Schmidt, College Park Baptist, and Celia York, College Hill RPC. Leaders for the trip were Ellen Smith, Terre Haute RPC, Mike Stuart, 2nd RPC, and John Hanson, Southside RPC.

John Hanson

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