The COVFAMIKOI Family Conference met last week in Columbia, Kentucky at a new location.  Lindsey Wilson College was our host for this year’s conference, and they proved to be wonderful hosts. There were around 340 conferees from about 10 different states. The conference met over a Lord’s Day, which continues to be a blessing as we worship together with others throughout the presbytery.

Dennis J. Prutow was the speaker for the adult group at the conference. The topic was “The Glory of God in the Gospel”.  Pastor Prutow used the Westminster Shorter Catechism as a guideline for each session. There were two morning sessions with a fellowship break in between. The sessions were followed by a wonderful lunch and afternoon recreation. During the afternoon recreation time, a variety of activities from Psalm sings, sporting activities, swimming, and age appropriate competitions take place. This is a fun time to meet up with old friends, or make new ones!

Evening events include a conference wide Psalm sing, a talent night (which is always a hit!!), and a consecration service. There are often evening socials, which include some sort of “kid favorite” such as ice cream or popsicles.


At the end of the week, the younger classes put on a program in order to explain what they have learned throughout their time at the conference. It is always such a blessing to see and hear that the Lord is working in the lives of even our youngest conferees!

The Lord has graciously allowed COVFAMIKOI to impact the lives of many and we look forward to being able to impact many more in the years to come. We are incredibly thankful for the solid preaching and teaching and are blessed to be able to go back to our homes having our hearts and minds filled with Christ.

Beth Moore

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