The Manhattan (Kansas) RP Church met on the Lord’s Day evening, June 18th, for the purpose of ordaining and installing two new Ruling Elders, Will Mann and Joel Wallace.  In addition to a large showing from the local congregation, we enjoyed the support and presence of brothers and sisters from six other congregations, including presbyters from four of those churches.  During the worship service, Pastor Kyle Borg from Winchester RPC preached on “The Manners of Ministry” from 2 Corinthians 5:20.  Following the ordination, charges were given to the new elders and the congregation by elders Max Mann (Quinter) and Garrett Mann (Manhattan), respectively.  During this meeting, Garrett Mann was also placed on inactive status as a Ruling Elder, as he and his family are preparing to move to Pittsburgh, PA to begin pastoral studies at RPTS this fall. Many members of the congregation pitched in to provide refreshments for a wonderful time of fellowship after the meeting.

Rev Jonathan Haney

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