The 207th Synod of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland met in the Ballylane church building from 12th to 14th June 2017.

On the Monday evening the outgoing Moderator, Rev David Silversides conducted public worship. Mr Silversides read from John 20 and preached on ‘Signs of the complete Saviour’. Rev. Prof. Norris Wilson was appointed to serve as Moderator for the incoming year. In bringing the opening meeting to a close Mr Wilson spoke on the words ‘Let us fix our eyes on Jesus.’ (Hebrews 12:2)

On Tuesday various reports were considered and in the evening representatives from four other denominations brought greetings and spoke about the situation in their churches.

On Wednesday morning Rev Kenneth Stewart (Glasgow RPC) preached on the words of Christ in John 17:19 ‘and for their sakes I sanctify myself.’ The remainder of the morning was given to prayer. The business was concluded on Wednesday afternoon and the court dissolved.

Rev Samuel McCollum


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