​Kasumigaoka RPC is located in a hilly neighborhood near the west end of Kobe, Japan, just a 20 minute walk from the ocean. Those who attend Bible studies in our second floor classroom can also enjoy the fascinating view of the ships coming and going in Osaka Bay, the graceful suspension bridge to Awaji Island, and some amazing sunsets and cloudscapes. We will be enjoying this view for a limited time only since new houses are now being built on the adjoining property. We fully expect to lose some of the fine view, but we are praying that God will bring new neighbors who are open to the gospel.

This congregation got its start about 57 years ago. Following a period of evangelistic outreach and Sabbath preaching that began in 1960 under Rev. Samuel Boyle, the church was formally organized in 1974.  The Lord has sustained the church through a number of severe hardships over the years, including the damage sustained in the Great Hanshin Earthquake of 1995, painful experiences of unfaithfulness within the church, and also several extended periods of pulpit vacancy.  The church building itself had to be torn down and rebuilt after the earthquake. But thanks to God’s abundant blessing, a versatile new building was dedicated in September of 2002. Members who have seen this fellowship sustained through serious crises over the last 50 years often testify to God’s faithfulness in preserving His church.

Today Kasumigaoka is a friendly and hard-working congregation.  Various Bible study groups meet at the church, and members have been faithfully inviting their friends. Adult Bible study groups meet on Tuesday night, Thursday morning, and every other Saturday. On Friday nights we have a junior high class followed by a high school/college class.

These classes are generally small groups that bring together a mixture of Christians, seekers, and some who have very little knowledge of Christianity at all. Many of the groups have an English language study component–often in the form of reading from a bilingual Bible and discussing the language as well as the content. This helps all of us–native speakers of English as well as Japanese–to look closely at the text and think carefully about God’s word.

We also have a “Moms and Tots” group which invites mothers to bring young children twice a month. A few times each year we hold Saturday activities for neighborhood children.

The Kasumigaoka Church is an international congregation, having members from Japan, Taiwan, Korea and the US. We often have visitors from other countries in our classes and worship services as well. If you happen to be in the area, please visit!

Susan Leach

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