The work of Cameron Press has been a vehicle of the Irish Reformed Presbyterian Church to publish books specifically to promote Reformed teaching and history. The titles come under the publishing arm of the Bookshop Committee, remembering the witness of Richard Cameron who was bold in his testimony for the Crown rights of King Jesus. Our titles have been written by members of the church and some have come to us with projects and we have agreed to publication and others have been specifically commissioned. Cameron Press have published booklets on psalmody and family worship, courtship, and a study on Covenant theology by E Clark Copland. Biographies and denominational history have been covered in specially commissioned video presentations on the History of the Covenanters and the Life of John Calvin.  Along with the classic history of the Covenanters in Ireland by Adam Loughridge we have published an Introduction to the Covenanters in Ireland and two sizable complimentary volumes; The History of Congregations a comprehensive study of the origins and history of Irish congregations and also Preachers of the Covenants, the definitive study of selected Reformed Presbyterian ministers from Ireland.

We work alongside the Covenanter bookshop and seek to publish these unique resources for the wider church.

These publications are available through;

Rev. Geoffrey Allen

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