The Whitlas with some of the members of New Life Fellowship

This past weekend New Life Fellowship, Letterkenny in Ireland held their annual church weekend. Rev. David Whitla, formerly Southside RP, Indianapolis, was the speaker. We had a fantastic weekend of teaching, fellowship, food and laughter. David’s three addresses on the Doubting Believer, the Distracted Believer, and the Dogged Believer were much appreciated and benefited from. (The audio from the talks is available here:

Much food was enjoyed and much laughter had – especially on the Saturday evening when all sorts of challenges revealed new skills and new levels of willingness to make a fool of yourself for team points!

On Sabbath morning we opened our worship with Psalm 100 and enjoyed the realisation that even as we worshipped we were seeing the fulfilment of this Psalm’s vision – “All people that on earth do dwell…”. In our small fellowship that morning we had Scots, Irish, Lithuanian, Indian, American, and then four Canadian visitors turned up to add to the international feel. We had a great time of fellowship over lunch after the service. Our weekend was brought to a close with a time of praise and thanksgiving at our evening service where we sang psalms highlighting each of the themes we had looked at over the weekend.

As a church we are thankful to God for the rich blessing we enjoyed this weekend, and marvel at how he tenderly brings the right word at the right time to his children.

Rev Mark Loughridge

Rev. David and June Whitla and Rev. Mark and Judith Loughridge

Colin Tait and Lijo Kurien Joy

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