Reformation Tours, a ministry of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland, is running a Reformation Tour the 9th-16th September.  This Tour will begin by joining with the churches of the RPCS for a special day in St. Andrews on the 9th September to commemorate the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation.  The following week the Tour will then go on to visit Reformation and Covenanting History sites in Stirling, Edinburgh, the southwest of Scotland, and Wigtown as well as taking in the majesty of God’s Creation in the mountains of the Highlands.  We invite you to join with us on this Tour which you can find out more about here. 

Reformation Tours are not merely sight-seeing arrangements, or tourist groups.  The goal is to encourage you in your Christian faith, and to point out how and where the people and places you learn about honoured Jesus Christ in everything they did – and how you can do the same, today.   We are a non-profit ministry of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland.  Any funds remaining after direct costs are paid are used to facilitate church planting in Scotland.

Here are some comments others have made about these Tours:

“This tour was an incredible way to explore Scotland and see places which were very important to the Reformation and the history of the Covenanters. With our week-long Scottish Reformation Tour we were able to see places and learn about people who truly shaped Scotland and impacted the world….Hearing the stories on location of those who made a stand for Christ in Scotland was very powerful…We saw places off the beaten path which would be hard to find but are very significant and meaningful in Scottish Reformation History (not to mention the beautiful scenery). The tour also offers great variety, from scenic towns, to castles, battle sites, monuments and more. I cannot think of a better way to see and learn about the Scottish Reformation. ” – Rachel M.

“I have gone on several Scottish Reformation Tours, sometimes with the church, with youth groups, or even with our Primary School group. Each time I learn something new about the history of the Scottish Reformation. The life and the piety of the common folk is challenging and provokes thought for today. Other groups would highly benefit from these tours, whether they take a day tour or spend much longer. There is so much to see, but Jimmy and Helen have a way of bringing the history to life. ” – Stephen M.

“With Jimmy, you will see the places, hear the stories, and know something of the heart of the Reformation. It is easily accessible for anyone, and will not disappoint the avid historian who knows the Reformation timeline better than his own, and neither will it bore the schoolkid who knows nothing of the history. You will learn about the Reformation, but thanks to Jimmy, it will take on a new kind of life, and you will learn something of the Christ of the Reformers as well. This is not just a historical tour – not just sightseeing – this is Reformation, where the “living faith of the dead” has an opportunity to be heard once more, through the lives, and the locations of Scottish Reformation History.” – Joseph D.

“As a repeat customer, I can say that I’ve been to different sites and learned new things each time because of the Fishers’ continuing investigation and enthusiasm for their calling.”  – Joyce L.

 Beth Bogue




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