Gentle Reformation is a multi-author blog begun in 2011 by a group of friends seeking to speak the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in its many applications through the media of the internet. Since it began, Gentle Reformation has grown to have daily posts each day of the week except the Lord’s Day, now includes writers in different branches of the global RP community such as Andrew Quigley and Warren Peel, and has seen its readership grow each year. Regularly cited by other Christian bloggers and websites, Tim Challies named it one of “My Top 10 Blogs of 2016.”

According to its purpose statement, Gentle Reformation is intentionally styled to be persuasive rather than polemical, pastoral rather than pejorative, and considers the people in the pews rather than professors and pastors as its primary audience (though pastors and professors are invited to read along!). With so much acrimony expressed on the internet by those who claim to be Reformed, without compromising truth the blog desires to expose others to the truer, genteel spirit found among the faithful who have experienced the grace of God in the Reformed and Presbyterian churches. You are invited to visit the blog and consider subscribing!

Rev. Barry York

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