Members and friends of the Faughan congregation joined together for a weekend of fellowship and teaching from 21st to 23rd April. The speaker for the weekend was Rev. Phillip Moffet from Cullybacky RPC, who brought us three inspiring and thought-provoking messages on the theme of ‘Christ in the Psalms’. The weekend kicked off on the Friday evening with Phillip’s first talk, which focussed on Christ as prophet, and how through the Psalms Christ speaks prophetically about himself and what he would accomplish. This was followed by supper in the church hall. On Saturday morning many of us gathered to enjoy a delicious breakfast in the Coffee Stop, a café close to the church in Drumahoe. Following this, we moved back to the church hall for the second talk. Phillip showed us how the Psalms also speak of Christ as a priest. A light lunch was provided afterwards, followed by a choice of activities for the afternoon, including a walk and bowls in the church hall. Everyone joined together in the hall again later to enjoy a wonderful evening meal and a film night. The weekend concluded on Sabbath morning, where Phillip led our morning worship service, speaking on the topic of Christ as king, again showing how this is portrayed throughout the Psalms. Following the service, the congregation enjoyed further fellowship over lunch in the church hall. It was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend, and a valuable time of fellowship for the congregation. We are extremely grateful to Phillip for the messages he brought to us, and the work he put in to preparing them. We thank God for blessing us with this great time of teaching and fellowship that we have been able to enjoy together as a congregation.

John Fallows

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