Thank you very much for your prayer and your support for the Reformed Presbyterian Japan Presbytery.  We are pleased to announce that the Kobe Theological Hall has a new website –

The Kobe Theological Hall was established as an institution for theological education by the Japan Presbytery in 1996.  KTH uses the constitution of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America.  The faculty is composed of pastors of the Japan Presbytery.  Rev. Takiura teaches Greek and New Testament studies;  Rev. Sakai teaches Systematic Theology and Historical Theology; Rev. Endo teaches Pastoral Theology; Rev. Kanamori teaches Apologetics, Old Testament studies, and Hebrew; and Rev. Leach teaches New Testament studies.  There are many visiting professors from RPTS in Pittsburgh as well as Scotland, Northern Ireland, Canada, and Australia.

We have three day classes per week for students.   Most classes are in the evening for working students.  At present, we have eleven students (including one who is auditing).  Some of them belong to the RP church, others are from the Reformed Church in Japan, the Presbyterian Church in Japan, and evangelical churches.  In Japan, there are not many theological institutions that are established with the Reformed faith.

The Kobe Theological Hall has been praying to become a fortress to serve to the Lord’s kingdom with Biblical and  Reformed faith.  Please pray for His blessings upon our theological education at KTH, and for the progress of His kingdom in Japan, and for His glory.

Rev. Sumito Sakai, Moderator of Japan Presbytery

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