Every year the Airdrie congregation has a week of special worship services which we call the Mission.  These services are very specifically focused at introducing our friends and family and those who live in our town to the glorious truth of who Jesus Christ is and what He has done to save men and women from their lost and sinful condition.  Prior to the Mission time is spent in prayer for the preparation, the preaching, the invitations that go out to family and friends, and most of all that the Lord would convert the unbelieving men, women, and young people who come.  A team of people come over from Northern Ireland to help the congregation distribute 15,000 leaflets to all the homes in Airdrie.  And the congregation asks those we know and love to come.  Many who are now members of the congregation can trace their spiritual history back to coming along, at the request of another, to these Mission services.

The Mission this year was held on Wednesday-Friday evenings, the 19th-21st April, and then again on Lord’s Day morning and evening.  The theme for this year was God’s Love as demonstrated in the life of Jonah.  On Wednesday evening Rev. Quigley preached on Jonah 1 and how Jonah ran from the love of God.  He dealt with why the Lord came to Jonah and sent him to Ninevah; why Jonah did the exact opposite; and how God responded to Jonah’s actions.  On Thursday and Friday Rev. Quigley spoke on Jonah chaper 2.  Thursday night we saw how God led Jonah to face the reality of his hopelessness, to face the reality that God and God alone can save, and to face the reality that God saves through His Word. On Friday evening we saw that God gave Jonah a conscious awareness of Himself, a sense of compassion Jonah didn’t have before, and a new desire to serve the Lord.  On the Lord’s Day Rev Quigley preached on Jonah 3 and 4 dealing with Jonah’s re-commissioning and reluctance.  These sermons will soon be available to download on sermonaudio.

Most of the congregation and a good number of visitors, including friends, family, and those from the North Edinburgh and Glasgow congregations, were out for the Mission services.  Please be in prayer that the seed sown would bear much fruit for God’s glory.

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