This year’s Sprinter retreat, was held at Life Ministries Inc. in Franklin, PA, from 17th – 19th March. Our speaker was Sam McCracken, Pastor of Casper RPC in Wyoming. The series was titled “Life in Christ” and the Lord spoke powerfully through Sam as he presented the word from Colossians 3:1-17. It was such a privilege to be a counsellor for this retreat as I got to personally witness the Word of God moving in the hearts and lives of the students.

A Life in Christ. What does that really mean? Well simply put it means that we are of Christ, in Christ and have the ability to partake in what is Christ’s. We are made completely new. A New Past, a New Present, and a New Future. One of the most impactful parts of this retreat though centered on how to put away the old self by using the weapons that God has given us. His Word, Prayer, Replacement, and Fellowship. He also touched on how Love is one of the most pivotal aspects of our lives and how foundational it is to walk a life in Christ.

Every student that attended came from a different background, a different home environment, a different social group, but the words preached through Pastor McCracken had an incredible effect on these barriers. The very last night that I held devotions with my guys, we were able to dig deep into the personal lives and struggles of these young men. They were of different ages, friend groups, etc, but after over an hour of open conversation and prayer, those social barriers were gone and they had a desire to fellowship as brothers of Christ united in the grace of the Gospel. It was absolutely amazing and that is only one example out of the entire weekend. I cannot wait to participate in future retreats and see God work further in the lives of these students!

Connor McCracken, RPCNA

To watch a video Connor made of the weekend click here:




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