RPCNA: The “TFW” weekend, organised by the Great Lakes Gulf Presbytery, took place in Indiana on 10-12 February 2017.   This is an annual weekend of intensive theological study for high school juniors and seniors within the Great-Lakes-Gulf Presbytery that seeks to:

  • Solidify  understanding of, and commitment to, the doctrines and distinctive principles of the RPCNA
  • Strengthen your theological foundation in readiness for college and the workplace.
  • Generate enthusiasm for the ministries of the RPCNA as the sphere of your future service to Christ and His kingdom.
  •  Provide vibrant fellowship around the study of God’s Word for junior and senior students of the Great-Lakes-Gulf Presbytery.

The speakers this year were Pastor Rut Etheridge (Chaplain, Geneva College, Pennsylvania)  and Pastor Keith Evans (RP Church of Lafayette, Indiana).  A range of topics were covered over the duration of the weekend including:Covenant Theology, The Sacraments, The Mediatorial Kingship of Christ The Regulative Principle of Worship & Exclusive Psalmody, “Stump the Pastors” Q&A, and Your Future in the RPCNA.

There were 16 youth from around the Great Lakes/Gulf Presbytery who attended.  The covenant young people were amazingly attentive to the 8 hours of lectures, and profited greatly from the in-depth Biblical and theological examination of Reformed Presbyterian distinctive practices and beliefs.

Pastor Keith Evans

RP Church of Lafayette, Indiana

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