RPCI: Boys’ Discovery Camp held their annual reunion last month.  Below are Benjamin Murphy’s reflections of the weekend.

On Friday 21st January I headed for my last Boys’ Discovery Camp Reunion in Ballyclabber Church hall.

The talks on the weekend were based on the book of Judges and the cycle of sin during the Judges: the people disobey God; they get punished by God; God has pity on his people; God sends a rescuer; the people disobey after his death; and back to the start of the cycle. Marcus McCollum spoke to us about Samson. He told us how God had a secret plan through Samson’s mistakes and how God has supernatural powers that have fully defeated sin. John Coulter did a talk on Ehud and how he was an unexpected leader, as being left handed was treated like a disadvantage. John told us how God used this disadvantage to save his people and how God uses unexpected people do unexpected things. Our talk on Gideon also showed us that God uses normal people to do unexpected things. We were told to be an influence to everyone around us because as Gideon did we can turn our family or friends to God through our example.

On the Saturday we had a jam packed day, firstly going to play footgolf, laser clay pigeon shooting and archery. After this test of our accuracy we set off to the pool for some swimming.

Once we got back we dived into a lovely diner before the murder mystery. Who killed Joel, our leader? We wondered who would kill Joel and Philip Moffett was caught. Over all it was a wonderful weekend to end my three years and I would like to thank Joel, all the officers and the cooks who have made three banterful camps and reunions.

Benjamin Murphy (Aged 12)

Newry RPCI

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